Residential Parking Stickers

During the months of January and February owners MUST submit an online application here in order to receive their FREE residential stickers. Once the online order is complete, stickers will then be mailed directly to the resident.

Residents may apply for up to 4 stickers per online application. Information required to complete the application includes name, address, license plate number, the name that appears on the registration, email and phone number. Once a resident has successfully submitted an application, they will receive an email notification of the order. Upon verification of their information and confirmation that there are no outstanding parking tickets or excise due to the city; the resident will then receive an additional email as confirmation that the order has been successfully processed. The parking sticker will then be mailed to the resident within 7-10 business days.

Starting March 1 the fee for resident stickers is $10.00. Stickers can still be purchased online for a fee of $10.00 as well as in person at City Hall room 13. If purchasing the sticker at City Hall please bring the following documentation with you to obtain the sticker:

Valid vehicle Registration with correct Everett Address (if the vehicle is a lease please also bring either a license, utility bill, or lease agreement with correct Everett address). Please note that the vehicle MUST be registered/garaged in the city of Everett to obtain a sticker. Anyone wishing to request a visitor’s placard, you MUST do so in person at the Collector’s Office in city hall (room 13). Visitor placards are required for any visitors of Everett residents who wish to park overnight on the streets of Everett. You must present a current picture of the visitor’s valid registration, as well as proof of address where the vehicle will be staying. A resident must show proof of residency. Residency can be established with a MA driver’s license, utility bill or lease agreement with the correct Everett address. Visitor Placards cost $5 for a one night pass, $10.00 for a 7-day pass, $15 for a 14 day pass, $20 for a 21 day pass and $25 for a 30 day pass.

Online Application