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Video Submission Form

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    Video Submissions need to be made by an Everett resident. If you're not an Everett resident, you must have an Everett Sponsor sign your form with you.
  2. I, as an active member of Everett Community Television, have read, am familiar with and agree to abide by the policies of ECTV. // I understand that the material I submit will be used for programming on ECTV’s Public, Educational and/or Government access channels. // Presentation of Programming: The undersigned known herein as the “Producer” or “Sponsor” agrees that the broadcast through ECTV meets, but is not limited to, the following criteria: • The material may contain “Advisory Material,” and is stated on the submission form, as well as at the beginning and end of the video. • The material contains no commercial advertising material. • The material contains no unauthorized use of copyrighted material. • The material is supported by accurate releases, copyrights, and/or parental releases for minors.
  3. Producer & Resident Sponsor Information:
  4. Resident Sponsor should be a name of someone living in the City of Everett.
  5. Please include City, State and Zip Code
  6. Please include City, State and Zip Code
  7. Show Information:
  8. (Describe your show here. Also, please speciy the topic of the show. Is it Religious? Business? Cooking? Entertainment? Etc.).
  9. 00:00:00 // hours:minutes:seconds
  10. How will the show be sent to ECTV?*
  11. If you checked DVD, will you like it to be returned back to you?
    Please note that if you want your DVDs to be returned to you, you must provide mailing envelope with stamps to ECTV, or pick them up at our office.
  12. The Producer/Sponsor agrees to take full responsibility for the broadcast on Everett Community Television and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless, Everett Television Community and its employees, Comcast and its employees, and the City of Everett, its Directors and employees. The Producer/Sponsor is responsible for any claims brought on by the actions of a Producer, guests, or audience members. If Producer is not an Everett resident, then he/she must have an Everett resident to sponsor the program in order to air on ECTV.
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