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Gerri Miranda
Sr. Account Clerk


The Department of Veterans Services is a state mandated service, which provides services to the veteran's, veteran's spouses and their dependents. Its authority is derived from chapter 115 of the General Laws of the Commonwealth.

The Veteran's Officer for the City of Everett is appointed by the Mayor. The Department is supervised by the Office of the Commissioner of Veterans Services and in part by the state for all funds expended

Assistance is also rendered in the matter of pension, financial need, filing claims with the Veterans affairs or Social Security, education benefits, home loans, hospitalization and medical care, as well as the time of death of a veteran.

The office requests that all veterans who serviced during a wartime period file a copy of their discharge and DD214 with the Veterans Officer.

Additionally, the office is open to any veteran or service personnel who wished to talk about any matter pertaining to his or her well being. Visitation will be made to those veterans or veteran spouses unable to visit the office.


This past Sunday, November 11th, the City of Everett gathered at the Connolly Center, in observance of Veterans Day, to honor and remember those who served in our armed forces. The annual service was attended by numerous local veterans and their families, as well as City and State officials. (read more) November 13, 2012


Director of Veteran Services, Joe Hickey, would like to thank and recognize those who provide continued assistance to his office for Veterans Events throughout the year:

“It would not be possible to put on the events that we do at the Veterans office without the help and assistance of our volunteers that come out year after year. Whether it be Veterans Day, Memorial Day, or any of the Memorial Square Dedications, I would like thank the residents of the City of Everett for their continued support.

I would also like to name a few dedicated volunteers and offer my sincere appreciation:
Dale Palma, Ida Repucci, Bunny Green, Claire Cardello, Camille DiPerri, Harriet Tommaro, Dorothy Badalato, and all the support staff of the City of Everett – we could not do it without you.

A Big Thank You from Gerri Miranda and Joe Hickey of the Veterans Office.”

Dwight C. Shepler (1905-1974)
Commander, USNR

Born in Everett, Massachusetts, and a graduate of Williams College, Shepler became a member of the American Artists' Group and the American Artists Professional League. Commissioned in the Navy in May 1942 and assigned to the Combat Art Section, he first traveled with a destroyer on Pacific convoy duty. From the mud of Guadalcanal, through the years of the Allied build-up in England, to the memorable D-Day on the French coast, he painted and recorded the Navy's warfare. For his service as a Combat Artist, the Navy awarded Shepler the Bronze Star.
After the war, he continued his career as a pioneer watercolorist of the high ski country and served as president of the Guild of Boston Artists.
View the Wartime Art of Everett's Own Dwight Shepler

Veterans who served aboard U.S. Navy and Coast Guard ships operating on the waters of Vietnam between January 9, 1962, and May 7, 1975, may be eligible to receive Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) disability compensation for 14 medical conditions associated with presumptive exposure to Agent Orange.

The presumptive list of diseases associate with agent orange is available HERE:
Agent Orange: Alphabetized Ships List is available HERE
Please note that brown water Vets are also eligible

Please call Joe Hickey at the Veterans Office at 617-394-2321 for more information.

View the slideshows for Veterans Square Dedications

Ricci Brothers

Al Vega

Phillip Napolitano - US Army

Charles Apruzzese - US Army

Sigmund Iwanicki - US Army

Eugene Sarnie - US Navy

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