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Sec. 7-113. Powers, duties and responsibilities generally.
In addition to the powers, duties and responsibilities, imposed upon the city treasurer by the Charter, General Laws, chapter 41, sections 35 through 43A, and by other special and general laws, he shall have the powers, duties and responsibilities imposed upon a city collector and upon a collector of taxes by General Laws, chapters 41, 59 and 60, and by other general and special laws, and such additional powers, duties and responsibilities as are established by ordinance.
Sec. 7-114. Record of receipts and disbursements to be kept.
The city treasurer shall cause an accurate and true account to be kept of all receipts and disbursements on behalf of the city, and such records shall conform as far as practicable with the accounts of the city auditor.
Sec. 7-115. Payments to be made only upon warrants issued by city auditor, approved by the mayor. Except as provided in section 7-119 no payments shall be made by the city treasurer except upon a warrant issued by the city auditor approved by the mayor.
Sec. 7-116. Books, papers, vouchers and documents to be kept in safe or vault.
The city treasurer shall cause all books, papers, vouchers and documents under his care, together with all money not deposited in banks, and belonging to the city, when not in use, to be kept in a proper safe or vault.
Sec. 7-117. Payments to employees or officials based on departmental payrolls.
The city treasurer shall make payment, based on departmental payrolls and warrants issued by the City Auditor and approved by the mayor and the city auditor, to each employee or official, or his authorized agent or attorney, or his assignee, and shall take therefore the receipt of no person other than such employee or official, his authorized agent or attorney, or assignee.
Sec. 7-119. Payments which may be made without warrants of the City Auditor,
approved by the mayor.
The city treasurer may pay any sum of money due on the principal or interest of any bond, note or certificate of indebtedness, or state or county taxes or assessments, or on any court execution against the city. Any of the aforesaid payments made by the city treasurer without a warrant issued by the City Auditor approved by the mayor shall forthwith be reported to the mayor and the city auditor.
Sec. 7-120. Statement of receipts and disbursements to be furnished mayor and city
The city treasurer shall furnish to the mayor and city council a statement of receipts and disbursements for the preceding fiscal year.
Sec. 7-121. Monthly statement to city auditor.
The city treasurer shall furnish to the city auditor, not later than the fifth day of each month, a detailed statement of all cash receipts, including trust and investment funds, during the preceding month.

Sec. 7-141. Authority of city treasurer as city collector.
The city treasurer shall exercise the powers, duties and responsibilities of a collector of taxes and a city collector under the title of city collector. (Ord. of 12-29-76, § 2)
Sec. 7-142. Bond.
The city treasurer shall give bond for the faithful performance of his duties as collector of taxes and as city collector in accordance with the provisions of General Laws, chapter 60, section 13. The premium for such bond shall be paid by the city.
Sec. 7-143. Collection of taxes, accounts and other money due the city.
The city treasurer as city collector shall collect all taxes, accounts and other sums payable to the city, not otherwise specifically provided for, together with interest, costs and charges thereon.
Sec. 7-144. Statement filed with city auditor by the city treasurer of all moneys collected by him as city collector.
(a) Any treasurer shall, at least once in each week, file with the city auditor a statement
of all moneys received or collected by him as city collector since his previous
statement on account of taxes, accounts or other sums, together with interest and costs and charges thereon, accompanied by a statement of the purposes for which the
moneys were received or collected.
(b) Such statement shall include all fees, charges, costs and commissions allowed by law, received or collected by him or for him or by any deputy collector, clerk, sheriff,
deputy sheriff or constable acting under authority of law by their appointment, and
shall certify that all moneys so received or collected have been deposited to the account of the city.

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