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In 1994, an Everett elementary school educator saw a growing need for health care access for Everett's children. Through her efforts and those of Everett's Board of Health, a group of concerned educators, school administrators, hospital administrators, civic and government leaders, health care professionals, Health Care for All staff and parents gathered together to form the Joint Committee for Children's Health Care in Everett.

The Committee is a true partnership. It is unique partnership and commitment that has helped hundreds of Everett's children gain access to health care insurance coverage and become more aware of health issues affecting them. The Committee has also served as a model of Everett's spirit, cooperation and leadership.

The Joint Committee for Children's Health Care in Everett firmly believes in the right of Everett's children to have available to them appropriate health care and knowledge to enable them to become healthy and productive members of the community. If the phrase "It Takes a Village" describes a community that is involved in the lives of its children, then Everett is such a community.

A not-for-profit corporation, the Joint Committee is dedicated to advocating for universal access to quality, comprehensive health care for all the children of Everett, and in promoting their optimal health and well being. Toward that end, the committee works in partnership with parents, educators, health care professionals, and members of civic and community organizations in providing health education, community service programs, and other public health initiatives.

Council members also respond annually to thousands of constituent requests, filling a crucial oversight role in the delivery of basic City services to the public.

One of Council's main duties is the enactment of the City's annual budget. Council sets fiscal policies and approves all spending, whether for operations (e.g., salaries) or capital items such as major equipment purchases, street repairs, or other public improvements.The regulation of land use, including the creation and amendment of zoning laws, is another significant Council responsibility.

Both branches must approve the Ordinances and money orders of the City.

Parent Liaison
A key member of the Joint Committee is the parent liaison who serves as a link between the Committee and parents. Through this parent liaison, parents in Everett are provided with information on state and federal insurance programs, as well as health resources in Everett and throughout the region. Please call the Parent Liaison at 617-394-2414.

In an effort to gain valuable input from Everett's parents, the Joint Committee formed a parent advisory council in the spring of 1997. The Council, known as K.U.B.A. (Kids United By Awareness) develops awareness campaigns and organizes fund raisers, and serves as the Joint Committee's link to the parents of public and private school-age children.

KUBA Kubs (Kids United by Service) are a group of teenage students who assist with outreach work to find families through their peers who need health insurance.


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