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City of Pride, Progress & Possibilities!


  • CITY TO HOLD CANDLELIGHT SERVICE TO HONOR 10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF 9/11 - With ten years now passed since the devastating events of September 11th 2001, Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. is inviting all residents to honor the victims, heroes and their families with a Candlelight Service at the Parlin Library, Sunday evening, September 11th, starting at 6:45 PM.
  • CITYFEST SET FOR OCTOBER 1st - OPENINGS AVAILABLE FOR VENDORS AND ORGANZIATIONS TO PARTICIPATE - This year’s CityFest is coming quickly, and the Mayor’s Office is putting together another memorable event to celebrate Everett’s Pride, Diversity and Culture. This year the City is eagerly looking for additional involvement from Everett based groups and will continue to contact organizations, businesses and restaurants. (read more)
  • MAYOR WELCOMES EVERETT RESIDENT AND US MARINE Lcpl. ANDREW SALERNO TO CITY HALL - Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. proudly welcomed Everett resident, U.S. Marine, Lance Corporal Andrew Salerno and his family to City Hall recently. (read more)
  • MAYOR, CITY TO HOLD TAX BILL SEMINARS - Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. is inviting all homeowners and commercial property owners to City Hall for a discussion with Pam Davis, the City Assessor and members of the Assessor’s office, to review tax bills and answer questions pertaining to the City’s quarterly bill to taxpayers. (read more)
    The Mayor presented Mrs. Vinci-Mugherini with a citation celebrating her 50th Anniversary in business. (read more)
  • A PROMISING OUTLOOK FOR THE FUTURE - Last week the headlines of major newspapers nationwide screamed about the economic crisis. Every media outlet gave us graphs, charts, and pictures visualizing the stock market plummeting to below 2008 levels. We were also and provided articles warning of another economic meltdown, or even a double-dip recession. (read more)
  • Northern Strand Trail Project Receives Key Grants - Governor Deval Patrick announced last week that the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) has awarded $84,022.14 of Recreational Trail Grant funds to Bike to the Sea, Inc., to further the construction of the Northern Strand Community Trail in the Massachusetts communities of Malden, Revere, Saugus and Lynn. This grant adds to funds the DCR has already granted to the Everett section of the trail. (read more)
  • CONSTRUCTION, TESTING AND PLANNING CONTINUES ON THREE PROJECTS - Three major projects continue to move forward this summer, as the construction season in Everett continues. (read more)
  • YOUTH SUMMER WORK PROGRAM A SUCCESS - Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. invited Joe Dalton of Distrigas/ Suez to the office to thank the company for their $25,000.00 donation to the Youth Summer Jobs Program. (read more)
  • EMPTY PROPERTY WILL OPEN UP NEW OPEN SPACE AND COMMUNITY GARDEN -Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. recently announced his plans to renovate 68 Main Street into a vibrant new community park. (read more)
  • CODE ENFORCEMENT MOVES TO KEEP CITY CLEAN - Help needed from residents and businesses to use proper containers, bags. (read more)
    Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. is pictured with Colin Kelly, Government Affairs Manager for Schnitzer Northeast. Mr. Kelly presented the Mayor with a $25,000 check as part of Schnitzer Northeast’s Tax Incentive Financing (TIF) with the City. The monies will be used to help local organizations and programs within the city. (read more)
    Mayor DeMaria and his team are developing a vision and looking forward to a time when Everett will truly be a place to live, work and play. The Live, Work and Play vision is steering the City of Everett toward becoming an inclusive community where everything resident’s need is within walking or biking distance. (read more)
  • EVERETT CREDIT UNION HELPS OUT GIRLS SUMMER BASKETBALL - Everett Credit Union is the official sponsor of this summer’s Girls Basketball League. This is the third year the bank has sponsored the league which includes girls from Everett High School, Somerville High School, Revere High School and the Pioneer Charter School. (read more)
  • THOUSANDS CROWD GLENDALE PARK FOR INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION - Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. was happy to see all the smiles on the faces of Everett families during the City’s annual Independence Day Celebration. The gorgeous Saturday afternoon kicked off a safe holiday weekend. This years crowd of over 2,500 people, enjoyed the free amusement rides, music from three local favorites: DJ Jasper, Inclusion and Smokin’ Joe and the Henchmen, great food, plus fresh produce from the Farmer’s Market. (read more) (slideshow)
  • CODE ENFORCEMENT KEEPS GAINING STRENGTHInspectional Services Division Staff trains in latest techniques
    Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. was pleased to receive a report outlining the numerous training and certification courses the Code Enforcement team has completed throughout the year. (read more)
  • COMMMERCIAL WATER METER INSTALLATION TO BEGIN THIS MONTH - Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. and the City Services Water Department officially launched the new Commercial Water Installation Program. Mass Installation Inc. of Norwood, MA, was recently awarded the contract to install new industrial sized water meters in all of Everett’s Commercial and Industrial buildings. (read more)
  • MAYOR DESIGNS A VISION OF PARKWAY FUTURE - Last Monday, Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. along with Stephen Rolle, Senior Transportation and Engineering planner from Parsons Brinckerhoff, the City’s consultant, formally introduced a proposal creating a Parkway Overlay District along Route 16. (read more)
  • FARMER'S MARKET COUPONS FOR ELIGIBLE EVERETT SENIORS - On Tuesday July 12, 2011@ 11am at The Connolly Center, a limited number of Farmer’s Market Coupons, worth $25.00 will be distributed by Candace Quigley from Mystic Valley Elder Services to eligible Individuals who meet income generated guidelines. (read more)
    After over fifty years the Roll Call Board listing all the men and women who donned a uniform of this great Country at the start of World War two will be resurrected at a new place of Honor. (read more) (list)
  • FARMER’S MARKET SET TO KICK OFF IN THE SQUARE JUNE 18th - Join Energize Everett, every Saturday, starting on June 18th, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM on the lawn of Parlin Library for the third season of the Everett Farmers Market. This season offers a wide variety of produce and other goodies each and every week. (read more)
  • HISTORICAL COMMISSION SEEKS TO RECAPTURE EVERETT HISTORY -The Everett Historical Commission is seeking the help of the people of Everett to recapture the City’s history. The Commission is asking the citizens of Everett to help locate any photographs, motion pictures (Video or Film) and any item that chronicles Everett’s history. (read more)
    Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. and Jon Norton Recycling Coordinator are pleased to announce the 2011 Yard Waste Pickup Schedule. This year the city is extending the amount of pickup dates, and months for pickup. Residents are asked to strictly follow prescribed rules in order to accommodate pickup. (read more)
  • Everett City Council Meetings and Committee Meetings Online - ECTV now offers for online viewing on our website www.ectvonline.com. (read more)
  • CITY AWARDS COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BLOCK GRANT MONIES - Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. was happy to meet with the recipients of this year’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG.) The CDGB program is a federally funded, competitive grant program, which helps small cities and towns meet a broad range of community development needs. Everett receives funds for housing, community, and economic development projects that assist low and moderate-income residents, or to revitalize areas of the city. (read more)
  • CITY CREATES PARKWAY OVERLAY DISTRICT TO STUDY AREAS ALONG ROUTE 16 - Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr., through the Board of Aldermen and the City Council put a temporary halt to new construction along a designated of Revere Beach Parkway, Chelsea Street and Spring Street. The temporary measure will allow the City to complete a Zoning and Re-Use study of the area, part of the Mayor’s visioning project for the city. (read more)
    Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. was happy to receive the final Open Space and Recreation Plan last month. The plan outlines goals, plans, visions and needs for the City’s open spaces for the next seven years. (read more)
  • FREE ESOL Citizenship Classes and Naturalization Services
    The Everett Adult Learning Center is pleased to announce Free ESOL Citizenship Classes and Naturalization services. (read more)
    Easily connect with City Hall (read more)
    Mayor Carlo DeMaria and the Office of Human Services is sponsoring a yard work/snow shoveling referral list. This list is comprised of young people who wish to earn extra money doing yard work and snow shoveling. (read more)

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Everett City Hall, 484 Broadway, Everett, MA 02149, (617) 389-2100