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Energize Everett’s mission is to create a healthy community by promoting and supporting an environment where all have access to healthy food and numerous places to easily enjoy physical activity.

To affect policy and environmental change aimed at increasing healthy eating and active living in Everett, the following projects will be completed between 2009 and 2011:

Healthy Food

  • Increase access to and affordability of healthy food for all Everett residents Ensure that Everett Farmers Market accepts SNAP, EBT/Access Cards and WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program vouchers
  • Expand Schoolyard Garden Program by adding two more elementary schools and integrating into afterschool curriculum
  • Establish alliance of community growers and develop plan for distributing produce to public service venues, local retailers, and food pantries
  • Assess local food retail environment and explore possible local government incentives for new and/or existing food retailers to offer healthier food and beverage choices

Recreation and Transportation

  • Improve built environment to increase opportunities for active transportation and diverse recreational opportunities for all residents
  • Extend length of Northern Strand Community Trail in Everett and Malden and make connections to local points of interest
  • Increase hours of availability and variety of programming throughout recreational facilities in Everett to reach a diverse population of community members
  • Develop infrastructure improvement plan informed by community walking audits
  • Implement Safe Routes to School Program in all Everett Public Schools to encourage more students walking and biking to school

The Farmers' Market is back starting June 18th.
Click HERE for more info!!!

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