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City Begins New Master Planning Process
Everett Independent
November 18, 2014
By Joseph Domelowicz Jr.

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Purpose: To create an illustrative and action-oriented plan for the future redevelopment of the Commercial Triangle, including but not limited to land use zoning, streetscape/roadway network improvements, multi-modal transportation improvements, marketing opportunities, public infrastructure improvements, flood mitigation, and the creation of open space.

Background:  The history of the Commercial Triangle (110 acres) is largely consistent with Everett’s industrial past.  The area was originally tidal marsh land, until it became an industrial ‘back office’ of sorts for the City, characterized by an over-abundance of junk and scrap metal shops.  Due to the neighborhood’s proximity to the shipping port along the Mystic River and rail lines, the Commercial Triangle was also once home to several prosperous paint manufacturing companies.  In the north western portion of the district, a small, but stable residential area is still part of the neighborhood’s character.
Due to the historic uses and industrial character of the Commercial Triangle, redevelopment of the area has been largely non-existent.  The perceived and real environmental concerns of the area, as well as its lack of identity and quality infrastructure, make the commercial triangle a challenging neighborhood to encourage private investment that can capitalize on the area’s location within the larger metro region.  As such,  the neighborhood remains largely unchanged since its historic beginnings, with the  exception of a few single-site redevelopment projects.  With the neighborhood being located along the MBTA commuter rail tracks, there is also an opportunity to capitalize on the potential addition of a transit station stop to support future redevelopment efforts.


Public Meeting Presentation 11/12/2014



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