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Posted on: June 29, 2020

Street Sweeping: 7 reasons to move your vehicle during sweeping hours.


Street sweeping will occur on the weekday following your scheduled trash day, EVERY week until further notice. There are no "off" weeks.


Looking for a reason to move your car during street sweeping? .. How about 7 reasons?

Street sweeping will occur EVERY WEEK on the weekday after your scheduled trash day, regardless of whether it is your regular week or not. This will continue until further notice.  (If Friday is your trash day, Monday is your sweeping day.)
Looking for a reason to move your  car during street sweeping? .. How about 7? 

- street sweeping picks up litter that blocks the Stormwater from entering the drainage system. This can result in localized flooding.

- street sweeping keeps sediment and trash from entering our streams and waterways. (You can reference resent island end water quality report that quality went from an f to a ‘b’ in the last couple years)

- street sweeping improves our Streetscape and encourages our constituency to keep their properties and frontage clean as well.

-street sweeping removes oil laden sediment from the public way which is disposed of in a landfill as opposed to the Malden and Mystic rivers.

-street sweeping removes any loose gravel and sand that may inhibit stopping distances and pedestrian safety.

- regular street sweeping reduces the cost to tax payers of other costly pipe repairs caused by debris buildup in the subsurface drainage system.

- street sweeping is required for compliance with the City’s regulatory permits with State and Federal agencies.

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