Healthy Meals Program

Fall into a Healthy Lifestyle

The City of Everett new fall menu exclusively for Everett Residents are beginning with orders for pick-up on Sept. 12 and 14th. This plan provides the easiest opportunity to learn how to eat healthy on-the-go! 

• The Healthy Meals Program focuses on three major tenants of proper nutrition: 1. Portion Control, 2. Nutrient Timing and 3. Macro-balanced dieting. At your convenience, signing up for this amazing opportunity will make sure you have an ample supply of readily available delicious healthy meals, and ensure that you will reach your goals while you are exercising. Want to know how it works? Keep reading! 

• The Health & Wellness Center has hired a professional chef that will cook delicious and nutritious meals, and you will be able to select the quantity of each meal per week from our menu items (that can be found on the City website or at the front desk of the lobby). Thereafter, you can pick up your prepared meals at the Center two days a week, with 9 meals each pick-up 

• Price? All healthy meals per week is only $80.00 for full 18 meals, or you pay $40.00 for 9 meals. 

• Any guarantees? Well, we guarantee that you will lose fat, and also teach you effective portion control, time saving and convenience. 

So what are you waiting for? Place your orders and pay (via debit/credit card) at the Front Desk of the Wellness Center. If your payment is cash of check, you will need to visit City Hall (Collector's Office) first, and then drop off your order at the Front Desk of the Center. 

ALL ORDERS NEED TO BE IN BY WEDNESDAY AT 4:45 PM FOR THE FOLLOWING WEEK. Half orders will be picked up on Tuesday and full orders are picked up on Tuesday and Thursday. For more details, please call us at 617.394.2390. 

Healthy Meals Program Menu: