On behalf of Mayor Carlo DeMaria, we are happy to announce that the City of Everett and MassRIDES have patterned up to bring you more commuting options. With a focus on reducing traffic and carbon emissions, join us in our new state-wide programs. If you have ever been curious about the benefits of carpooling, biking, or public transit, now is the right time. 


is a free online service when you get rewards when you travel by public transportation, biking, walking, telecommuting, compressed work week or carpooling. If you are looking for someone to travel with anywhere within Massachusetts, or with Massachusetts a start or end point, you can join NuRide to find colleagues and other travelers going your way. 

Here's how to get started:
1. Join NuRide - Sign up at using your email and indicating "City of Everett" as your organization.
2. Take a Trip - Carpool with colleagues, telecommute from home, bike to a friend's house, or hop on a bus. 
3. Enjoy Rewards - Confirm your trips, refer friends and get points that you can redeem for restaurant coupons, retailer discounts, and tickets to shows and attractions. 

Emergency Ride Home

- No one wants to be stuck at work in an emergency. If you walk, bicycle, vanpool, or use public transportation at least twice per week, MassRIDES will reimburse you for a tax or a rental car home up for four times per year if you have an emergency. You can learn more and enroll for ERH at 

Note that is a separate sign up from NuRide, but it only takes an extra minute. 

Lastly, don't drink and drive! Call for a taxi and get reimbursed by Emergency Ride Home. 
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