Mayor’s Office

Message from the Mayor
Welcome to the City of Everett's Official Website.

Whether you are a resident of Everett, visiting for the first time, or a member or prospective member of our business community, take your time to discover the multitude of opportunities, activities and services the City of Everett has to offer.
On the day of my first inauguration, I made a promise that Everett would be a safer City, a more educated City, a City where businesses want to invest and create jobs, and a City that surrounding communities would look to for ideas and inspiration.

With the hard work of our public servants, the dedication of our elected officials and the commitment of the citizens of Everett, I have kept that promise and together we have put Everett on a path to greatness.

I have always held closely the belief that Everett is a world-class city. My last 6 years serving as your Mayor have been the most rewarding of my life. But our future lies ahead of us, not behind. We will continue to strive to ensure that Everett’s best days are before us and will walk boldly into the future confident that our direction - our destiny - reaffirms the promise of those that came before us. That hard, work, bold leadership and the courage to dream of a new day will bring with it a prosperous future.