Inspectional Services

To protect the health, welfare, and safety of the residents and visitors of the City of Everett as mandated by Local Ordinances and State Law.  To fulfill very specific rules and regulations regarding the Safe Construction of Buildings, Certifications of Structures, Residential and Commercial Habitability of Dwelling Units, Enforcement of State Sanitary Codes, Testing of Weighing Devices and Preparation of Food, Restaurant Grading, Signage, and Occupancy permits as well as enforcing the City of Everett zoning by-laws.


The Inspection Services Department is mandated by local ordinances and state law to fulfill very specific rules and regulations regarding the safe construction of buildings, certifications of structures - residential and commercial, habitability of dwelling units, enforcement of state sanitary codes, testing of weighing devices, signage, and occupancy permits as well as enforcing the City of Everett Zoning Ordinances.
Included in the Department of Inspectional Services are:
  1. Online Permitting

  2. Building

    The Division of Building Inspection and Maintenance shall be responsible for the enforcement of the state building code pertaining to buildings and other structures and for enforcement of related ordinances in the Revised Ordinances of the City of Everett, including, but not limited to the local zoning ordinance and Massachusetts State Building Code.

  3. Board of Appeals

    The Board of Appeals shall be responsible to hear and decide appeals in accordance with the law, applications for special permits upon which the Board is empowered to act, and decide on petitions for variances and appeals from decisions of the Code Enforcement Officers/ISD.

  4. Code Enforcement

    The Division of Code Enforcement shall be responsible for the enforcement of chapter 13A of the Revised Ordinances of the City of Everett; enforce all relevant ordinances; maintain a high quality of life for all Everett residents; working in conjunction with the Office of the City Solicitor, prosecute all infractions and violations of city ordinance; perform other relevant duties as assigned.

  5. Electrical and Wire

    The Wire Division is responsible for the maintenance of all traffic signals and the performance of all electrical work within municipal buildings and on City property.

  6. Health and Sanitation

    The Division of Health and Sanitation shall be responsible for enforcement of all provisions of the state sanitary code promulgated by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health which are subject to enforcement by cities and towns; adoption from time to time of additional regulations as are necessary or desirable to protect the public health of the residents of Everett; and enforcement of all regulations so promulgated by the Board of Health.

  7. Licensing Commission

    The License Commission is charged with the responsibility of issuing licenses and enforcing rules, regulations, local ordinances, and state laws pertaining to the sale of alcoholic beverages; the Licensing Commission shall promulgate all regulations necessary for the application local ordinance and state law.

  8. Plumbing and Gas

  9. Weights and Measures

    The Division of Weights and Measures shall have general charge and supervision of all the public scales of the City of Everett.