Physician Registration

Physicians practicing medicine in the City of Everett are required to file a Physicians Certificate of Registration under Massachusetts General Laws (MGL) Chapter 112, Section 8.

Persons are exempt from filing a certificate if they are:
  • A resident in training with a limited license
  • An Intern with a limited license
  • Conducting research (exclusively)
  • Teaching (exclusively)
  • Hold an administration position (exclusively)
  • Practicing at a federal facility (veterans administration)
However, if you are employed in such a capacity, you will need to provide our office with a letter from the appointing authority at the medical facility indicating your position, name, status and your medical license number. If there are any physicians practicing at your facilities that do not meet the above exempt criteria, they must file a certificate and they are subject to the fee of $50.

A copy of this filing will be forwarded to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Board of Medical Licensing as required by State Law.