City Clerk


To present a courteous and service-oriented team of professionals in partnership with the City Council, other City departments and the community, to serve the citizens of Everett.


The City Clerk, is also the Registrar of Vital Records, Chief Election Official, Clerk of the City Council, City Archivist, Keeper of the Records and a the Records Access Officer. Among his responsibilities are the overseeing of the elections and keeping of official records for the City of Everett.

Records maintained by the Department of the City Clerk include:
  • City Council documents
  • Birth, marriage and death records
  • Dog licenses
  • Business certificates (DBA)
  • Filings with and decisions of the Board of Appeals and the Planning Board
  • All notifications of meetings and commissions of the Everett City Government
The City Clerk's Office receives notices of claims and legal actions against, or relating to the City of Everett, handles all licenses that require approval by the City Council and oversees the offices the day to day operation of the Registrars of Voters.

The City Clerk is the official keeper of the City Seal and maintains general Ordinances and Zoning Ordinances as enacted by the City Council.

The Assistant City Clerk serves as the City Messenger and is authorized to discharge the responsibilities of the City Clerk in his absence.